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"Passion vs. Warm Bodies"

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“Passion vs. Warm Bodies”  Earlier this year, I started a study on the Book of Revelation.  I found it particularly interesting to read the letters Jesus gave John to give to the seven churches in Asia Minor in chapters 2 and 3 of the book.  Do you know that the modern-day Church is presently struggling with many of the same issues of the ancient church: busyness, idol worship, and the complacency of some…just to name a few?  I guess the old saying is true, “There is nothing new under that sun!”  In Revelation 3:15-16, Jesus said to the Church in...
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Thank You

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  Thank You! As I tried to say on Sunday, Susan and I leave with a heavy mix of emotions:  excitement for another shot at retirement and more time together, yet sadness at not being with a people of faith we have come to love.  You guys just have the most wonderful way of growing on people!  And we are honored to be among them.     My special thanks to Kristi (and Beth) who regularly tolerated my warped sense of humor and misplaced shenanigans, and to each of you for tolerating my missteps in the worship order and my sometimes...
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“On the Road to Jerusalem”

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  The Season of Lent“On the Road to Jerusalem”  It’s hard to believe but the Season of Epiphany is almost over and the Season of Lent is already here.  So your Worship Ministry Team invites you to journey with us on the road Jesus took to Jerusalem and to the most staggering of destinies.  But as we all know, this road and this heavy time for reflection, thought, and confession ends with the wonder of Easter — resurrection, life, and hope.  In calling a settled pastor, such is the future of this church — one of resurrection, life, and hope.  Having...
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"Looking Back"

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  Looking Back  Not long ago, Susan observed from her morning Bible Study that some of the books in the Bible are seldom featured in lectionary readings or sermons.  And she was finding them intriguing, to say the least.  Since her directed readings had taken her into what has long been called “The Minor Prophets,” or what is formally called “The Book of the Twelve” in the Hebrew Bible, I’ve decided to feature at least seven of these books in the short time we have between Epiphany (January 6) and Ash Wednesday (February 14).  So join us in Looking Back at the Eighth, Seventh, and Sixth Century...
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Psalms for the Season

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It’s Advent and the beginning of a new Christian Calendar Year.  It’s a time for preparing, expecting, and awaiting the birth of Jesus; an awesome, spine tingling, mysterious, and momentous celebration.  And yet, it is a time whose meaning is often diminished by the noise of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and commercialism; football, shopping, and Christmas trees.   But we in the Christian Church family faithfully remember the real “reason for the season.”  Whether this is the actual date and time for Jesus’ birth or not is immaterial.  It’s the fact that we intentionally pause to remember and honor that birth—a special...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
I like the post by Dick Inns in Daily Encounter entitled "Success".  It speaks to us, especially today: "Success is the ability to discover God's goal and purpose for your life and then, with God's help, employ all of your powers to achieve that goal." I'm sure that this is the way the Apostle Paul lived his life after he committed it to Jesus Christ and became one of the most effective early Christian leaders. For you and me to succeed in God's eyes we don't have to be an Apostle Paul or anybody else. We only need to discover God's...
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Do We Need Church?

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Do we need church?   I have read how people use Web MD or Medline Plus to diagnose their ailments or the ailments of loved ones before seeking the advice of a licensed doctor.  My Internist confirms the same.  When I sold pharmaceuticals for Johnson & Johnson there were no advertisements on radio or TV concerning prescription drugs, now days, every other advertisement is about prescription drugs.  Our society has become a society of information.  Many people don’t use standard medical treatments offered by doctors anymore.  There is a lack of trust, as well as an abundance of information whereby we...
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'What Can You Do For Me'

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Today’s culture is all about “What can you do for me”. Many look at the church as an antiquated monstrosity of the past and totally un-needed for today.  Yet many researchers have offered proof that if we work on our relationship with our Creator  there are many health benefits, along with a peace that the world can never give us. The church offers us the place as well as the tools to develop our relationship with our creator as together we work, study, fellowship and enjoy the Holy Sacraments that remind us of God’s awesome love and forgiveness and brings us...
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Christian Response to Our World

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
 The times we are living in are very serious.  We observe the rise of militant Islamist crucifying Christians and beheading innocent people in the name of their Allah.  We fear a pandemic of Ebola.  We experience our retirement income shrink and the price of everything continue to rise.   We are to be IN the world but not OF the world. Jesus said told His disciples, “If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first. If you belonged to the world, the world would have loved its own. But because you do not belong to the world - on...
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Living as Pentecost Christians

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
As I was driving down Interstate 35 the other day I noticed a little girl holding her hand out of the open window of a car as it was driving down the road.  She kept turning her hand as if to feel the breeze. Perhaps she was experiencing something powerful, invisible, and beautiful. Isn’t this like the power of the Holy Spirit, Spirit, God’s breath at Pentecost?  That breath is powerful yet invisible.    This breath of new life that Jesus promised his disciples was his parting gift to his disciples.  But what does that mean to us today?  Since the...
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