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Marilyn’s Moment

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
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Marilyn’s Moment:Why do you come to worship?  Hopefully, it is out of a deep need to honor the God who made you and provided everything for you.  Though different people have different provision we know this stems from our uniqueness!  God’s created children are all one-of-a-kind with needs, desires, and requirements belonging solely to each one.
The reason we worship also includes our longing to fulfill the command to fully learn and practice worshipping God in spirit and in truth.  I admit, some services of worship are better at this than others, plus the unique need of every individual discovers distinctive ways to fulfill the scriptural mandate (John 4:24).  .
That’s what made for interesting conversation as December 5thworship was complete.  Several came out of worship questioning the truth/practice of the liturgy we had just shared (NOT the worship we had shared).  Were the Advent candles in the right order? Did the correct color get lit?  It made me question (after the fact) what I had always known/heard/practiced.  My history told me that three purple candles are lit 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sundays of Advent with a pink candle lit on the 3rd Sunday and a Christ candle on Christmas Eve (white, of course).  But a few years ago, liturgists moved the pink candle to Sunday #2, and we all got confused over what was right.
Yes…the debate was liturgy – not whether we had worshipped in spirit and truth.  I was sad!
Because it mattered to some, I set out to discover the so-called ‘correctness’ of Advent candle lighting. This is what I discovered:

  • Most traditions still use three purple and one pink candle – but the confusion over which weeks one or the other is used is debatable!
  • Many colors have been and are suitable for use: purple, pink/rose, blue, red, green, gold, and white!All have a significance of their own.
  • Some traditions use six candles and lightings!
  • Meanings for the weeks and candles vary sequentially including all the following themes (and more):preparation/expectation/hope/prophecy; Bethlehem/shepherds/peace; proclamation/angels/joy; fulfillment/love; God’s people/the prophets/John and Baptist/ Mary the mother; etc.

Should I go on?  Does there really have to be a debate?  More important than anything else is  we prepare and approach the Christmas miracle with hearts worshipping together in spirit and in truth!  With the Spirit of Jesus in our midst as the Truth we can’t go wrong!
This year it made sense in my heart and mind to bring faith in our giving God to an Advent season where hope is restored and so peace might reign – God has things in control!  Next, we rejoice that such a wonder has been achieved amid all our harried preparations for the coming of Christmas.  Finally, we re-discover that Love is the meaning of everything that comes before and will go on into the Christmas Gift that keeps on Giving:  Jesus!
I hope that however you journey to this Christmas season you find sense in all of it because you long to worship in spirit and in truth (no colors and candles necessary at all!). 



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