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Marilyn's Moment

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
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Marilyn’s Moment:It is Mother’s Day, and my thoughts turn to what was always my definition of ‘home.’
Momma encompasses ‘home’ in my brain.  Yes…she worked various part time jobs after we ‘little ones’ grew old enough to take care of our needs and be responsible for chores around the house.  But when proverbial ‘push came to shove’ there was never a time when she was not there:  cooking, cleaning, planning a family gathering, helping us practice vocally or on the piano/organ, singing, or sharing a shoulder to cry on (just let a ‘boy’ break one of our hearts and Momma Lion would protect her cub)!  When we succeeded, she shared words of encouragement like ‘Excellent job’ or ‘I knew you could do it!!’   When we failed, compassion came: ‘There is something better around the corner’ or ‘Try again, you can do it!’  Mom was always sewing costumes or mending hearts.  She was cutting hair or giving a smelly permanent to one of four daughters.  She was driving us to rehearsals or church youth outings.  She was there for her girls.
Home = Momma.  Yes, it is where the heart resides.
Now that Momma has gone to her heavenly home, I must more fully lean on my Savior to fill the void left in my heart.  Jesus accomplishes that so willingly and completely becoming my heart’s delight and guiding light.  Troubles come and though I can no longer pick up the phone to hear Momma’s loving voice, I picture her standing beside Jesus listening in to my prayer, because the ‘phone’ is turned to ‘speaker.’  She listens to the conversation and then winks at Jesus.  She knows He has everything under control because He taught her how to love me (and my sisters).  She knows that someday He will bring me ‘home,’ and all is well until that day of reunion and homecoming!
I wonder if my own children look as fondly on the ‘home’ they were raised in as I do when I think of my home.  For, when I became a mother I tried to emulate my momma, but I know there were times I failed horribly:  putting my needs above the kids, letting their dad deal with issues rather than discovering how I either contributed to the problem or was the problem, ‘resting’ from the day when interaction might have been needed, and ultimately saying ‘yes’ to one too many things while letting family time suffer in the process.
Then – the song I chose for this Sunday comes to my mind again.  You may not be able to sing the tune to this beautiful ballad-like song from the Chalice Praise hymnal, but oh how I wish you all could!  I share it because ‘Mother’s Day’ is here.  And our Savior knows each one of us had/has a mother and for better or worse our lives describe what our mothers have shared. 
Let Jesus fill the gaps and holes of your heart’s ‘home.’  Let Jesus express a stronger deeper sense of how your mother was loved and is loved by Him.  When I consider how important my own mother was ‘home’ describes it completely because Jesus was at the core of her heart.
Be My Home
Handt Hanson & Paul Murakami, c. 1996, The Changing Church Forum, CCLI #1150788
Be my Savior; be my heart’s delight.
Be my vision; be my guiding light.
Storms may press against me, threaten to prevail.
Be my refuge; be my shelter from the storm.
Be my love that keeps me warm;
Be my Savior, be my light;
Be my home.

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