From The Workshop


First, thank you Jenna for filling the pulpit on March 10. She felt positive about the day and the reception of her message. I was away with the family of a best friend for his graveside service in Austin, Texas. 
That event continues the theme for the next two Sundays

  • March 17 is the fifth Sunday in Lent, the darkest time of the church year. We have been building up to it and this Sunday we stare the last enemy in the face, death. As I will say Sunday, if Paul can speak about death, if Jesus can speak about death, then the church can as well. Jesus will tell us that the hour is coming for “the Son of Man to be glorified,” which is strange language for one who is about to face betrayal, political scapegoating, and a suffering so intense that death is a relief. And yet in John Jesus speaks of it as a glorious event. 
  • March 24 is Palm Sunday which is full of gladness and celebration. At the same time, it is the doorway into the so-called Holy Week which terminates in the last supper and the downhill fall into the crucifixion. Switching over to the gospel of Mark (chapter 11:1-11), we will join the processional as Mark, the earliest gospel writer, records it. Looking at the scripture with fresh eyes, we will see a man who is not evading his enemies, but actually challenging them, even taunting them. 

I have been working through Holy Week for roughly 49 years and this year is probably the best, I have been in a parable study getting reacquainted with the history of Jesus’ time, the particulars of the Jews under Roman rule, and the primary tools he used to teach. All this has been in plain sight in the scriptures all this time and it’s invigorating to capture new glimpses of familiar accounts. As the disciples are discovering, there is more in front of them than what they see!
And we will gather Sunday to hopefully catch a glimpse of this revitalizing, energizing Son of Man. Always more than what we see!
And I will see you Sunday,

Pastor Tom