From The Workshop

Easter happened! Out of the old, God brought new life.
Sunday was well-prepared and wonderful. Early on there was the bagel and donut spread, Easter egg hunt, and surprise visit from the Easter Bunny. Escorted by Mary Beth Roberts, EB supervised the egg hunt, posed for pictures with the kids, and brought smiles to all the faces. Thank you to the Christian Education Team for all the tables of decorations and treats. And thank you to Bunny and all his friends for the egg donations! The hallways had multiple tables with the stations of the cross, the story of Jesus ending in Easter! More good work by Mary Beth and the Christian Education Team. 
The wonder continued with the Sunday morning celebration. The Worship Team had prepared the sanctuary. The space was comfortably full due to many families bringing both returning and new faces (children, grandchildren, friends) from both in town and out of state. We also had a generous sprinkling of guests from the neighborhood who saw Jenna’s postings on Facebook and the area community pages. Our musicians were in fine form with heart-stirring anthems, favorite Easter hymns, and an easy-to-sing praise song. 

We welcomed a new (returning) family–Geoff and Alicia Clifton
and son Brock. Their older son, Braden, was with them and is one of the familiar faces who grew up here. Geoff and Alicia both work at South Moore High School. He teaches band and she is a guidance counselor. Brock is currently a student at Oakridge Elementary and has found a home in our youth group. When I was introducing them I commented that Geoff and Alicia are public school teachers, what Oklahoma is desperately looking for and wants to keep. They are all about building up and guiding. We hope to do all we can to support and encourage both them and young people like Brock. 
On the other hand the Cliftons gave us some validation. In my opening welcome to the congregation, I noted we are a medium-size congregation, like the family diner that people look for when they come to town. By that I mean we’ve been around a while; instead of following a standard recipe, we’re homemade; and we like to know each other. People come where they feel comfortable and fed. I asked Staci Pruett to come up with the family because they have ties from earlier days and because they work together in the community. Ties are important.
The other thought is this same family diner idea works for ministry with youth and children. If they feel comfortable and fed, they tend to become connected. Like the family diner, it takes a while for word to get around. Growth is slow. Sometimes we don’t have the best day. But next week we’ll be open. Just like Easter, not everybody was on board at first. Eventually word got out. 
So this Sunday, we’ll be open and welcoming again. See you then.

Pastor Tom