From The Workshop

From the Workshop:

October is peering over the backyard fence and she’s got a bunch of activities lined up (and we’re not even talking about all the youth events coming!). 
Sunday, Oct 1 — World Communion Sunday 
Although begun in 1933 by Presbyterians In Pittsburgh, this celebration of our oneness in Christ is a natural for us Disciples. The idea did not take off until WW 2 as the Allies were trying to hold the world together. Through the Federal Council of Churches, the invitation to join in a day of Christian unity went around the world. 
In the spirit of one Lord, one body, our Worship Team is featuring communion with breads from other countries — Ciabatta (Italy), Kaiser Rolls (Austria), Pretzel (Germany), Bolillo (Mexico), Brioche (France), Bagel (Poland), Pita (Middle East). and maybe Naan (South Asia). Those who are able are asked to come forward and receive the bread and the cup from the chancel. 
September 10, 17, 24 — “Because of You Our Church Changes Lives.”

Don Blanding, Stewardship Chair, assisted by Chaplain Jerry Black have chosen these three Sundays to celebrate this church changing lives. We’re not buying a pre-packaged campaign and slapping our label on it. The work of Jesus is going on here! Like the Israelites standing at the edge of the Promised Land, if we look hard, we can see a new life. 

  • The Nominating Team is receiving names of members ready to step up and lead! (Get your nomination for elders, deacons in while supplies last!)
  • With the Holy Spirit, can we see a congregation that is more full? 
  • Can we imagine a youth group balanced with study, service, worship, and joy? It’s a fact now!
  • How about reviving Worship and Wonder for our younger children?  With our trained teachers, they’ve just begun!
  • Can we see a church giving over 9000 pounds of food for 7738 meals this year? We’re already there!
  • Can we envision a new pastor ready to embrace us; and we are ready to embrace our new shepherd?
  • And as we gather around fellowship tables to meet, plan, and eat together, can we welcome the person we don’t know?

Some of the Israelites could see the new life. Some were wanting it to be a repeat of “yesterday.” What’s the difference? Giving thanks for what we really have. Moving forward infused with gratitude, hope, and willingness to step into the new life and trust God.
After October — More to Come!
See you Sunday!
Pastor Tom