From The Workshop

From the Workshop:

Pew Research tells us that today about 70% of Americans identify as Christian. That’s down from 90% 30 years ago.
Part of that decline is young people walking away from congregations that are out of step with the teachings of Jesus—feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, loving instead of judging. Our denomination, the Christian Church (Disciples) supports this positive, faithful following. While some denominations are driving away, we are welcoming. While they are fearful, we are hopeful. While they promote divisiveness, we sing unity.
Although the church’s minister, the youth director, the musicians are visible “up front,” the work of the church is done by members. We do the worshipping, the fellowship groups, the teaching, the outreach, the cooking, and the leadership. We are the ones “doing the gospel”. Not always right, but trying.
The leadership sets the tone. The elders, deacons, deaconesses keep the focus on the work of Jesus. We can’t

  • guarantee the pews will be full
  • reverse the national trends

But we can create and continue an atmosphere of loving, responsive service to our Lord. And welcoming the other, no matter who they are, what they look like, or what they call themselves.
That’s what our Nominating Team is about. We are God calling 4 elders, up to 20 deacons, and up to 10 deaconesses to continue the work of Jesus here in Moore, to welcome, to care.
See you Sunday,