Marilyn’s Moment

Marilyn’s Moment: By way of introduction: I am a Rocky Mountain girl! Now you can laugh because though born and raised in Colorado, I haven’t lived there since 1988 when John and I were transplanted to Ponca City, OK. You push the numbers and discover that if you take out six years spent in Texas for school/work I have been an Okie longer than a Coloradan! Yet, roots are roots for all of us. The next ‘root’ comes with the confession: “I am a sinner just like everyone else!” This is not a laughable matter, yet it is a thing to celebrate because when I admit this basic fact, I can celebrate the grace given by Jesus Christ in my life! Let’s celebrate together in the year to come.

Thus, only details of life lived are relevant to how we live together. John and I celebrated 40 years of marriage last January which meant – during the pandemic we sat in our recliners and watched television. We have four children (two shared biologically, one from John’s life before meeting me, and a young man who joined us at the age of 15 as a forever foster child). Each one these is a special blessing, bringing 8 grandchildren into our lives (with one more expected in early December). Unfortunately, only one of the children still lives in Oklahoma whereas the others make their homes in Indiana, Colorado, and Washington.

I can readily affirm my education from the School of Hard Knocks as well as at Texas Christian University (Bachelor of Music Education) and Denver Seminary (Master of Divinity). Teaching music was my career for three years until God insisted and I answered the call felt since I was young choosing the path to ordination in 1984.

I have served nine different congregations as either Music Minister, by pastoral call (two were United Methodist), or in combination of both. My time with you will be anticipated as the ‘Perfect Ten.’My hobbies include music, reading, hand embroidery, and an occasional golf game, plus family because they are far more than an obligation and responsibility – they are enjoyment!With this spot in the Newsletter, I get through my introduction with one more note: I look forward to meeting each of you and becoming friends. That is important to me because I am “Marilyn” – no titles necessary except in specific times and places – and friendship is not one of those!