Things are Moving

Sunday things were moving!
It began with the request for a sermon on “the power of love”. Sunday (9/10) we sat at the feet of Genesis, Hosea, John, and Paul. They in turn took us to some insights on “love” that are speaking to us both individually and as a community. All four teachers are telling us that love originates with God. God both gives us this power and God expects us to use this power for ourselves and for others. 
In the afternoon board meeting, we witnessed our “teams” putting love into action. 

  • The Visioning Team is proposing we support the Moore Public School Foundations new effort called “Bridges” for homeless youth (more to come)
  • The Worship Team is planning music for the holidays–World Communion, Creation Sunday, All Saints, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas(!)
  • Stewardship is developing a set of Sundays highlighting God’s love through us
  • Outreach and Christian Women’s Fellowship have continuing lists of projects giving for others
  • Education has curriculum developed for our young children and gifted teachers every Sunday (excluding school holidays)
  • Under the Youth Director/Children Worship banner we offer experiences balancing worship, education, fellowship, and play covering different times and different ages. 
  • Personnel monitors all staff and ensures feedback and appreciation 
  • Board leadership and treasurer work provides order and structure
  • Our Search Team is busy matching candidates with our needs and direction

But there’s more to celebrate! During my report, I reflected on a story and video that “just happened” to be circulating among Disciple clergy last week. The author and video maker is a young-ish Presbyterian minister who is leaving a prosperous congregation he’s served for ten years. On one hand he paints a picture of things going well; on the other hand he reports stress with himself and other members. He is a gifted preacher but that isn’t enough. What seemed missing was a structure that shared the work/love. He seemed to be the guy carrying the load. Also I sensed missing the willingness to directly address problems when they arose. 
What’s to celebrate? I think this other minister has given us two awarenesses:

First, from what I can see, we have members and leaders who are up front in addressing any issues as they arise. That’s a celebration piece.
Second, as we grow, we will have to continually reexamine our structures (visions, expectations, calendars, responsibilities, trainings) from where we are to where the Spirit is leading us. To see and know in advance that we will be continually outgrowing our shoes is a great gift!
We are here because God loves us, and we are willing to share God’s love, the kind that takes work.
See you Sunday, 
Pastor Tom